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Thursday, 3 February 2011
New Registry/ New Titles
Mood:  rushed
Topic: Reflections

In late January, Wrath, Gossip & I hit the IABCA (International All breed Canine Assn- based in Germany) show ring.  What a BLAST... expensive... but a BLAST nonetheless!! First, I'll give you a breakdown of the weekend & then, for those interested in trying one of these International Shows, I will give you the scoop of how to get started.

First of all, it was a 2-day event- four shows total.  On day 1, I showed both dogs in both shows.  Both Gossip & Wrath won their respective breeds.  Wrath also took a Hound Group 1 in the Bred by Exhibitor competition.  In show two, again- both dogs won their respective breeds & Wrath took a Hound Group 1 in Bred By Exhibitor.  This time though, Gossip took a Hound Group 2 in the open competition.  This was the highlight of the day because there were 9 breeds represented and MANY dogs to beat to get there! =)  Both Dogs received V-1 (excellent) ratings towards their International title.

On day two of the competition, I had Wrath sit out Show 3 because there was an additional "rare breed" competition attached to that show that was going to keep me busy with Gossip.  Gossip won his breed, took a Group 2 in the Open class, and a Group 1 in the Rare Breed Hound group.  This took us to the Best In Show Rare breed competition.  I am quite PROUD to announce that Gossip won Reserve Best in Rare Breed Show!!!  Again- both the group 2 AND especially the RBIS were huge-- many, many dogs were beaten to get there.  SO proud of my Gossip boy!

Finally, show four:  Gossip & Wrath both won their respective breeds again, and Wrath took Best Bred By once again!  This time though, it was WRATH that placed in Group.  He took a Group 2 win (again, there were 9 breeds represented & many dogs in those classes).  SO proud of my young dog! =)  Again, the boys ended the competitions with V-1 (excellent) ratings. 

When we walked away from that show, both boys had completed their IABCA/UCI International Champion title and we had several nice placements along the way.  All-in-all, a very nice experience for our first ground show.


Interested in showing towards your dog's International title?  Here's the jist of what you need to know:

Cost per show is $31/dog/show (unless you get in on the holiday special @ $25/show- which is available around Christmas).  There are generally 4 shows/ weekend.  You will also need to register your dog with IABCA either before the show or within 40 days thereafter.  Registration is $30.

Once you have achieved a title, you will need to pay a $40 title processing fee.  Remember, this is a title based out of Germany so your paperwork will pass through many hands (and a country or two) to make it's way back to you.  I suggest that you turn in your V-1 ratings (you will need 3- V-1 ratings/title) at the show so that they will print you a temporary title certificate (quite nice) right on the spot.  It will take 8-12 months to receive your actual title paper work back from Germany.

There are 18 tiers in IABCA so once your dog has achieved one title, he may begin working on the next leg. =)  Happy showing.

Posted by Kat at 11:19 AM EST
Saturday, 1 January 2011
Ringing in 2011
Mood:  happy
Topic: Reflections

Happy New Year!  2010 is behind us but it's impact will stay with us well into 2011 and beyond.  For the Childers' family, 2010 brought many changes.  Two of our children, Cassi & Dakota graduated from high school.  I finished my Bachelor's Degree at Wright State University.  & our daughter Cassi joined the Army National Guard & got married to the love ofher young life, Zach.... lots of changes! 

Over the summer, my daughters Kadie & Courtney and I flew to Washington to tour the home of Twilight ~ Forks, WA, La Push, WA, Port Angeles, WA, and Seattle, WA.  It was amazing!  We also spent a day at the Hoh Rain Forest.  It was a vacation we will never forget and if the coonhunting were better, we would be pushing Rob to move to the area.  Temperatures stay between 40-80 most of the year around.  That sounds much better than Ohio winters!

For the hounds, 2010 brought us several new titles on the hounds.  First off, Razor picked up 4 new NITECHs and increased his "Historical Sire" standing to #2.  It shouldn't be long now before he secures that coveted #1 spot.  We're pretty proud of Razor.  He has treated us well over the years and we are blessed to have him.  He's 13 years, 7 mths, 2 wks, & 3 days old today and still holding on. 

Next- our daughter, Kadie hit the show ring in 2010 and claimed Angel as her own.  She picked up several nice wins including Best Female of Show at AKC Ohio State Youth Championship and picked up a few AKC Overall wins.  She finished Angel to Champion in UKC and AKC.  We are extremely proud of her and look forward to more great wins for the two in 2011.  Our daughter, Courtney, also showed Gossip a time or two in 2010 & in their very first event together (and Court's very 1st competition show!), they won Best Overall Dog of Show & brought home a new jacket.  Very proud of my girls!

Joining the 2010 titles were:  Chase & Dolly (both making Champion), Ariel & Jade (finishing to Grand Champion), and Speed (finishing to NITECH). 

Gossip won many big events in 2010- taking several overall show wins & finished the Purina Race as the #3 Treeing Walker in the nation.  Not bad considering we were not actually running the race. =)  That puts him in the top 3 TW hounds in the nations, two years running.

We also had a few really nice litters of puppies in 2010.  Our newest is our Boo X Haze cross.  We are super excited about this cross as well as the pups out of Razor & April (X and Dream) that Rob has retained.  Look for these puppies to be our next generation at Tree Rizin'.

Looking ahead to 2011 ~ Rob's competition lineup will include Ransom and Dolly.  Both are top hounds and I'd venture a guess that Ransom has become one of Rob's all time favorite young hounds.  He gets that excitement about him when he hunts Ransom that pushes a 30+ year veteran to the woods night after night.

For me ~ I expect 2011 to bring me to some ground shows.  That's my newest interest.  We'll probably start the year off with Gossip and Wrath and see where it takes us.  I'll also be looking forward to introducing Tiara to the show ring by mid-year.  Since my Grad Program begins this month with WSU, I expect to be super busy finishing up my college career so you may see me staying a little closer to home than usual. However, I have some great things planned for the year and hope to make the most of the time I have.

Kadie & Courtney will also be a big focus for us this year.  Courtney is competition cheerleading.  Kadie is in dance.  They both show continued interest in the hounds so we'll continue to support them and get them to whatever events they'd like to do.

All in all, we are excited about 2011.  May it bring as much happiness and joy into our lives as 2010 did.... and more.

Posted by Kat at 10:44 AM EST
Sunday, 16 May 2010
Old Dogs, Hunting Dogs, & Show Dogs
Mood:  happy
Topic: Reflections

It's been a while since I've added to the blog.  I apologize for that and firmly blame WSU for my lack of commitment.  This quarter is very high maintence!

Yesterday, Razor celebrated his 13th Birthday!  This is quite a feat for a redbone.  We are very blessed to still have him with us.  Even more remarkable is that Razor is still siring puppies naturally and we expect his newest batch of babies in early June.  It will be a linebred Grand-father to Grand-daughter cross to Jade that should produce brains, ability, and looks.  Exciting!!

Razor continues to climb up the reproducer's lists!  He will fall off of the Current List soon because he has reached 13 but watch him continue to climb the historical list. :)  We are so proud of him.  In hunting news, another Razor pup climbs her way to her NITECH title.  Congrats to Chris Conden & Amber who are now sitting pretty with 2- 1st place wins!  Can't wait to hear about the next win that will make her Razor's newest NITECH!

In show news, as many have already noticed, I am sporting a couple of treeing walker dogs at the big ones this year.  Angel & Gossip are owned by me and my youngest daughter, Kadie, and I am extremely pleased with them both.  Angel just lacks 5 pts to Champion now and I will hold her back a bit to make that last win pack a powerful punch.  Kadie will be showing her at the AKC Ohio Youth Championship next weekend.  CAN'T WAIT!

The REAL BIG TALK though surrounds the new love of my show life, Gossip.  G and I have bonded so much over the past couple of months and we are racking up a pretty nice win list already.  In the last 2 months, we've picked up 30 purina points and 70 top ten points.  Gossip is the nicest walker dog I've ever put my hands on and I feel very blessed to own him.  No, it doesn't mean that I am deserting my redbones- that will never happen-- but what it does mean is that Gossip and his offspring have earned a place in this kennel.  He is a pleasure to own, a pleasure to show, and a heck of a house dog to boot! :)

In other news... Rob has been hunting Edge (a littermate to Ransom) for Roger Prior lately and Edge and Ransom are becoming a great hunting duo.  Rob is just starting to put Ransom in the hunts so hopefully, you will be hearing more about them soon.

Until next time... Enjoy your hound!

Posted by Kat at 11:01 PM EDT

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