Call Name:  Whiskey
Date of Birth:

Sire:  GRNITECH GRCH 'PR' Razor Ridge Blue Advocate
Dam:  GRNITECH 'PR' Allen's Coon Poppin Pearl

Breeder:  Larry Hamlin/ Daniel & Amy Smith
Owner:  Katina & Kadie Childers


Tree Rizin' welcomes another Razor Ridge hound to the kennel.  Whiskey comes from OK, hence his name Southern Comfort.  We are blessed to have found another Advocate (Lil' Blue) male to blend in with our blue ladies.

He is started in the woods and is running and treeing with the other hounds.  He hasn't had a lot of woods time in recent months, but we will get him use to the kennel and then get him out in the timber.  We do have a video of Whiskey treed, and if I can figure out how to upload it here, I will. 

I am looking forward to giving Whiskey some time on the bench and in the conformation ring as well.  Look for him in 2015.

Note:  The pic on the left was taken his 1st day at Tree Rizin'.  He'd been in the hauler's truck for 3 days and is under weight.  We'll update his pic in a few weeks so you can see what he truly is.  He reminds me so much of Judge when he came- unbelievable.  We'll get him up to par and then showcase him again!

Pedigree of 'PR' Razor Ridge Southern Comfort

'PR' Razor Ridge Southern Comfort

Name: Whiskey
Sex: Male
Breed: Bluetick Coonhound

Parents 2nd Generation 3rd Generation 4th Generation
GRCH GRNITECH Razor Ridge Blue Advocate GRNITECH GRCH Razor Ridge Pop A Top GRNITECH Double Springs Echo GRNITECH GRCH Sexton's Blue Jimmy
NITECH Smokey River JBells Be
Caney Creeks' Blue Amy NITECH Smokey River JBS Chief
Harlin's OK Blu Punkin
GRNITECH GRCH Razor Ridge Blastin Lucy HTX GRNITECH Razor Ridge Blastin Butch GRNITECH Double Springs Echo II
NITECH Pine Springs Blue Trollop
Razor Ridge Blue Dolly GRNITECH GRCH Razor Ridge Pop A Top
GRNITECHGRCH Frog Creek Chirper
GRNITECH Allen's Blue Poppin Pearl GRCH Razor Ridge Pop A Top Again GRNITECH GRCH Razor Ridge Pop A Top GRNITECH Double Springs Echo
Caney Creek's Blue Amy
Hamblin's Blue Bonnie GRNITECH Double Springs Echo
Pine Springs Fannie II
Rambo's Flag (Jane) GRNITECH GRCH Smiley's Blue Rambo II CH GRNITECH Slife's Blue Rambo
CH GRNITECH Smiley's Misti Blue
High Fancy CH NITECH Porter's Spiderman
Smith's Blue Cricket
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