In loving Memory of.....
GRCH NITECH 'PR' Tree Rizin' Outlaw Kid's T-Rex
(20% Fixed Traits)
2006 UKC Performance Sire
Qualified for the 2006 UKC World Hunt
Call Name:  "T-Rex"
Sire:  GRNITECH GRCH 'PR' Stecklin's Raddlin' Kid
Dam:  NITECH 'PR' Knock's Dry Creek Hot Tip
May 7, 2001- August 16, 2006
Registries:  UKC & AKC
Breeder:  Kelly Knock
Owner:  Rob & Katina Childers

GRCH NITECH 'PR' Tree Rizin' Outlaw Kid's T-Rex ~ just 2 wins away from GRNITECH!!


Rob & T-Rex with a good night's harvest in January 2006

Update August 16, 2006:  After battling poisoning for the past few weeks, we lost T-Rex today.  T-Rex died way before his time and we hope that someday his contributions to our breed will be realized through his puppies.  We still hold hope that he will hit the reproducer's list someday as he is throwing tremendous puppies.  T-Rex held the hearts of all of the Tree Rizin' family.  He was a dog with a heart of gold and he will be greatly missed.  Rest in Peace Mr. T.
Since introducing T-Rex into our stud pen- we have whelped or helped place 3 litters.  The first was out of CH Tree Rizin' Stings Like A Bee- a very nice coondog & niece to our Razor.  All of the puppies out of that breeding are in the hands of HUNTERS and these girls are getting it done RIGHT!!!  Two of the three owners keep in regular contact with us and these ladies from this breeding are everything we'd hoped for!!!  At a young age, they are perfectly capable of doing it right & even making those spotted dogs look silly on occasion!!  Those puppies turned 1 year old on 12/13/2005.
The latest two litters- one that we are raising now- out of NITECH WCH GRCH Tree Rizin' Coon Crazy Daisy & the other- we helped place out of CH Tree Rizin' Sweet Midnite Music are both just wee ones but we are very happy to report that EVERY PUPPY in both of these litters (a total of 19 puppies!) have been put into the hands of HUNTERS!!! 
Also- Slammer is out of T-Rex & another nice (all grand pedigreed) female- Baby.  Slammer at just 7 mths old is turning it on & we look for him to be our future!!
T-Rex IS reproducing VERY NICE coondogs!!  We can prove it by putting references of people that are hunting his puppies where our mouth is! :)  We love what we see out of him in the woods and MOST IMPORTANTLY- in the stud pen! 
We've worked hard to get his puppies into hunting homes so that they will have the opportunity to SHINE doing what they were bred to do!!! 
T-Rex is now a DUAL Champion completing his NITECH with a 1st and two 2nds and making Champion with 3 Best In Show wins including winning Best In Show Male @ US Redbone Days & then taking 5 straight Champion wins to Grand.
Also- while handled by youth handler, Dustin Bales- T-Rex & Dustin win High Scoring Redbone Male at the 2004 Youth Nationals!!  WAY TO GO BOYS!
T-Rex now has 3 wins towards GRNITE and we hope to have his Dual Grand title complete soon!
T-Rex is an awesome addition to our kennel.  We are so pleased to have him.  He comes to our kennel from Outlaw Redbone Kennel and our great friend, Alton Key.  T-Rex has an extremely impressive pedigree.
Rob & T-Rex have just hit the competition circuit.  T-Rex finished to NITECH on 7/23/04 with a 1st, 2nd & 2nd place wins.  He will now be worked towards Grand Nite Champion.
I finished T-Rex on the bench with 3 Best In Shows & 5 straight Champion wins!!  I am extremely proud of this dog.  It isn't often that you find a TOP hunting dog that looks like he does on the bench.  I have really high hopes that T-Rex can throw his ability in the woods (and that of his ancestors) as well as nice confirmation for the bench.
T-Rex's mother, NITECH 'PR' Knock's Dry Creek Hot Tip was listen as the #8 current reproducer for our breed before T-Rex made NITECH.  T-Rex making NITECH should have pushed Tip up to #4.  Unfortunately, due to the fact that she has not whelped a litter in the last 24 mths- she was pushed off of the list by default.  She will return to the HISTORICAL reproducers list next year.
His sire, GRNITECH 'PR' Strecklein's Raddlin Kid only sired 61 puppies but has now 2 GRNITECH's and 2 NITECH's for 6.5% reproduction percentage.  If you look at the reproducers list (which requires 100 pups for a male) - you will see that Kid has a better reproduction percentage than ANY of the current listings and would be 3rd highest on the historic list if he had sired enough puppies.  Our hope is that T-Rex will reproduce like his parents.  Reports from his first litter, by 'PR' Key's Outlaw Jesse Girl III (Baby) have been awesome.  So great that Baby's owner insists that she will be bred back to T-Rex- that repeat cross produced our future star- "Slammer" featured on the "Wee Ones" page. 
T-Rex will be used in the future as an outcross to our Razor line.  He is an asset to this kennel and I have just fallen in love with this dog!!

NITECH CH 'PR' Tree Rizin' Outlaw Kid's T-REX (classy hunting dog/ classy show dog).



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